Livin’ La Vida Tranquila on Florida’s Gulf Shores

Hustle and bustle is the norm for everyday life, so why should it be on your vacation?

Picturesque sunsets, fresh sea air, and the general low-key feel is what Florida is truly all about.

Come visit the beauty that is the Gulf Coast and pretend you’re a native Floridian by staying in a rental home. Make your coffee just as you like, let the kids make noise, take a stroll in the welcoming neighborhoods, or simply cook up a late night snack, all at your leisure. Comfort is the key when you aren’t restricted in room or neighboring guests. When you see how easy it is to stay in a private rental home, you’ll dread having to rent a hotel room again.

A Guide to Florida’s Sleeper Beaches

Anna Maria Beach- With white sands and no sand volleyball nets to obstruct the view, your personal beach awaits. What a winning combo if your ideal bliss is walking along the shoreline admiring all the beauty of the ocean without gobs of people in your way.

If you’re looking for a relaxing massage or facial, look no further than Acqua Salon and Spa. Using only quality Aveda products, they will tailor a delightful day of pampering to your desire. Best of all, they offer a “Stay Spa” incentive that comes to your vacation rental so you don’t even need to leave the house to enjoy a day at the salon.

Santa Rosa Beach- Beautiful emerald, Caribbean-like waters and cool, white quartz sand combine to make this beach unforgettable. Lounging around the beach is relaxing, but if you are a fan of cigars, sports, icy libations, and want to converse about all three of them, check out Shore Thing Cigars. Opened by country music star Luke Bryan and a close friend, Paul Copeland, this is an intimate shop that serves as the local man’s cave for the residents of Santa Rosa.

Treasure Island- A wide beach that accommodates any crowd and ample areas to walk to dine are just two of the island’s many features. Check out Middle Grounds if you would like a fine seafood dining experience from a wonderful local restaurant. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and the food is renowned locally as a top five place to go for a five-star meal.

Sanibel Island- Shelling at its finest, this may be the busiest of the listed beaches. Young and old alike will enjoy discovering the variety of shells the Island has to offer. There is even an entire museum dedicated to shells that’s an interesting area attraction. Not digging the shells? Grab some locally grown produce at the Sanibel Farmer’s Market. Open October through May, a blissful array of fresh fruit and veggies just waiting for you to make a killer meal back at the rental house.

Marco Island- Nestled in Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands, it’s a prime place to visit if your life is boating and fishing. Take a charted fishing tour or enjoy casting away at the connecting bridge from the mainland. After your day of basking in the sun and tackling the fish is complete, visit with the locals and sample some tasty food at Snook Inn and Chickee Bar. Overlooking the Gulf under a thatched roof bar while sipping a tropical something is the nightcaps to end all nightcaps.


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