What do I do when I get to Florida?

So you have booked your Florida vacation with FloridaBestVillas and you are all packed and ready to go! What can you expect when you arrive?

About 1 week before arrival, we email you the keycodes for the key lock box at the villa and any further information. The keys are held in this box so access is easy! Over 90% of the villas have a keybox at the entrance, so you can arrive at any time after the standard arrival time (4 pm).

Although each home is a little different, they each have a booklet containing all the information about the villa, the pool, the A/C and other useful things like the phone number for pizza delivery. There are also all emergency phone numbers and addresses, including the phone numbers of the management company in charge of the villa. Should there be a problem, this is who you call. We strongly recommend to check the villa upon arrival and inform the management immediately about any breakage.

The process is fast and easy and then all you have to do is relax and enjoy your stay.

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  1. Hannes says:

    I will jump into the pool and then go shopping. Got myself a great vacation villa through floridabestvillas, http://www.floridabestvillas.com/english/villas/HIG4301.html

    can’t wait to be there.

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